Here are the main features of the Patchwork 3D software that will make your work easier.

real time 3d rendering software

Real-time 3D rendering software

Optimize your CAD models and observe in real-time the adjustments you make throughout your project. Your work becomes easier, faster and more comfortable.

Photo-realistic materials

Make photo-realistic materials and stickers in metric scale and insert them into your data library. Achieve stunning effects with multilayered materials, textures, and patterns. 

photo realistic materials

unfolding workshop

Unfolding workshop

This tool allows you to unfold your 3D models to visualize them in 2D and prepare the surface to receive the material you want thanks to the metric UV adjustment. In two clicks, adjust your materials precisely.

Billions of configurations

Customize your products by creating shape and color variations in real-time. Very quickly, you will be able to present your product with different color configurations, additional customization options that you can interact with.

billions of configurations

stitching workshop

Stitching Workshop

enterprise logo
Exclusive to the Enterprise version

Create seams in just a few clicks! Working on soft materials is simple thanks to this workshop. Two modes are offered to you to design your seams:

  • the mode “free draw seam” allows to apply it freely on the surface,
  • the mode “follow surface boundary” allows to adapt it automatically on the edges.


Iray* is a physics-based rendering engine that produces photo-realistic images. The rendering is done with progressive refinement simulating the realistic behavior of light and its adaptation to materials. Iray Denoiser technology allows an even faster detailed rendering of your projects by considerably reducing noise on your 3D model.

* Iray is in limited version in Patchwork 3D Community. Patchwork 3D Premium and Enterprise come with network computing, faster (Denoiser), higher definition than 4K.


embossed materials

Embossed materials

With one click, get depth and geometric relief effects in materials.


Several illumination tools are present in Patchwork 3D. Get studio quality effects with the HDR Light Studio module, or use other light sources to create effects on your models. Prepare and configure an infinite number of lighting scenarios via layers.


python scripting

Python Scripting

enterprise logo
Exclusive to the Enterprise version
premium logo
Exclusive to the Premium version

Python Scripting allows you to automate tasks to facilitate repetitive work, create materials or lighting layers. Functionalities can be executed directly by Patchwork 3D or in the Python interface without opening the software. 

Measuring tools and clipping planes

The measuring tools allow you to display the distance between two points. The clipping plane cuts the surfaces of a model to make a cross section and display the internal structure of the model. Your demonstrations become even more dynamic by presenting your model in section.

measuring-tools and clipping planes

raytracing rendering

Raytracing rendering

Raytracing rendering is used to calculate the photo-realistic image of your model in visual details, environment, shadows, light sources, reflections, etc.

AxF & Car paints

enterprise logo
Exclusive to the Enterprise version

Import scanned AxF materials from X-Rite TAC 7 into your Materials library. The Car Paints feature of the Material Editor allows you to add flakes layers to the bodies.

axf and car paints


Create your own stickers, position them and adjust them freely. A simple and interactive way to decorate your models.


Define actions on your models and set animation triggers. These automatically adjust to geometries, materials, lighting ambiance, etc. Your customers can interact with the environment in real-time during demonstrations thanks to advanced animation functions.


compatibility with hdr light studio

Compatibility with HDR Light Studio

Generate bright, studio-like environments with HDR Light Studio*. Create or adjust lights and reflections on your model to match the HDRI environment and see the result immediately. Day scene, softened lights, you can manage all this with this tool, directly connected to Patchwork 3D.

* Software add-on provided by Lightmap Ltd, compatible with Patchwork 3D.

Real-time sun

With the interactive real-time sun, give a touch of natural lighting to your scene. Use it to inspect the behavior of shapes and materials in different lighting conditions.

real time sun

360° videos

Explore new visual experiences by generating immersive views to create stereoscopic 360° videos. 

Create textures with text

Add simple text on a surface without leaving the program. Generate textured materials, stickers and overlays with the built-in text editor.

No need for a 2D software!

Import formats

Import and prepare 3D models using your preferred file formats, including CAD data from most surface and volume modeling software.

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